Visual Facilitation

Sketch Notes on a Scrum Master Training

Mastering Scrum does not lose any of its importance for me. Therefor I decided to go for a Scrum Master Certificate months ago. Due to the Corona pandemic my plans relativized, since the next trainings would be online and I wanted in person. But last week it happened: The training with a small group of other finally took place 😁

It was a 3 day training by Timon Fiddike and Anton Skornyakov from Those guys did a great job at coping with the range of experience the participants had. The most unexpected thing for me was—and I guess that was the key driver for that highly valuable training—they actually implemented Scrum elements during the training itself. Having dailies, a retrospective, and most importantly: they listened to what the group wished for. And: they checked if their “corrections” had the intended effect. (That is something so important and far too rarely done.)

Oh and one last thing: I’m so happy I did it. 10min before leaving my apartment I saw some empty sketch books laying around. Unused. So—although I never did that before—I grabbed one and documented everything I considered relevant to myself in it (which is the excuse for being too late on the first day). As I got unexpectedly positive feedback on it, I decided to share it with you. I hope you enjoy!

First Retrospectives

A couple of weeks ago I started my visual facilitator career and started introducing respectively renovating an existing Scrum board to put my newly acquired knowledge into practice.

Now it was time to combine my new skills with my goal to become more proficient in the Scrum process. As I was always a team player who’s goal was to bring people together and treat each other with the most respect possible, it was just natural to volunteer organising retrospectives.

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