Sketch Notes on a Scrum Master Training

Mastering Scrum does not lose any of its importance for me. Therefor I decided to go for a Scrum Master Certificate months ago. Due to the Corona pandemic my plans relativized, since the next trainings would be online and I wanted in person. But last week it happened: The training with a small group of other finally took place 😁

It was a 3 day training by Timon Fiddike and Anton Skornyakov from Those guys did a great job at coping with the range of experience the participants had. The most unexpected thing for me was—and I guess that was the key driver for that highly valuable training—they actually implemented Scrum elements during the training itself. Having dailies, a retrospective, and most importantly: they listened to what the group wished for. And: they checked if their “corrections” had the intended effect. (That is something so important and far too rarely done.)

Oh and one last thing: I’m so happy I did it. 10min before leaving my apartment I saw some empty sketch books laying around. Unused. So—although I never did that before—I grabbed one and documented everything I considered relevant to myself in it (which is the excuse for being too late on the first day). As I got unexpectedly positive feedback on it, I decided to share it with you. I hope you enjoy!