WordPress Web Service

You are an enthusiastic WordPress user?
You want to implement a Flash based WordPress front end / theme?
You want to use WordPress as a back end for you software?

My new WordPress Web Service plugin is your solution!

WPWS allows you to access your WordPress installation via WSDL/SOAP. In contrast to classical RESTful services WSDL/SOAP is type safe meaning that you always get what you expect. RESTful services can change their normally not explicitly defined API from one day to the other and … BANG! You web application crashes.

After you have installed WPWS you can simply open your blog and append ?/wpws to your blog’s url.
My plugin for example is accessible through bkahlert.com/blog/?/wpws.
The following screenshot shows what the plugin’s homepage looks like.


I recently used WPWS in a Website I developed. bertloewenherz.com is fully Flash based and receives all its content from the underlaying WordPress blog. This way I saved the time needed to implement an own back end. Another gain is the savings of future maintenance costs because WordPress is kept up-to-date by its community.


You can download the plugin via WordPress itself or on wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-web-service/.

The code is hosted on Google Code: code.google.com/p/wordpress-web-service/.
If you’re an PHP developers I invite you to help improving WPWS!

Configuration of WPWS in Adobe Flex 4