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You are an enthusiastic WordPress user?
You want to implement a Flash based WordPress front end / theme?
You want to use WordPress as a back end for you software?

My new WordPress Web Service plugin is your solution!

WPWS allows you to access your WordPress installation via WSDL/SOAP. In contrast to classical RESTful services WSDL/SOAP is type safe meaning that you always get what you expect. RESTful services can change their normally not explicitly defined API from one day to the other and … BANG! You web application crashes.

After you have installed WPWS you can simply open your blog and append ?/wpws to your blog’s url.
My plugin for example is accessible through bkahlert.com/blog/?/wpws.
The following screenshot shows what the plugin’s homepage looks like.


I recently used WPWS in a Website I developed. bertloewenherz.com is fully Flash based and receives all its content from the underlaying WordPress blog. This way I saved the time needed to implement an own back end. Another gain is the savings of future maintenance costs because WordPress is kept up-to-date by its community.


You can download the plugin via WordPress itself or on wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wordpress-web-service/.

The code is hosted on Google Code: code.google.com/p/wordpress-web-service/.
If you’re an PHP developers I invite you to help improving WPWS!

Configuration of WPWS in Adobe Flex 4

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for your Web Services plugin. I do have a problem, though.

    I installed the plugin and created the wsdl file manually according to the instructions.

    I no have the following page: http://wpdev.concertzender.nl/index.php/wpws

    In the SoapClient, however, it states “invalid WSDL file”.

    What is wrong with the wsdl file?

    Thanks in advance for any answer!

    Kind regards,

  2. The “Generic SOAP Client” you mentioned serves as a demo / easy test tool.
    But since I create the WSDL file out of Eclipse I receive such error messages, too.
    I did not find any other working online SOAP client.

    But be assured that I tested the WordPress Web Service with the current Visual Studio and Adobe Flex releases.
    All work just fine.

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